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Tickets for our Disney Recital go on sale this week (May 7)

All new dance families interested in the 2013-2014 dance season receive FREE tickets, please email for more info!

Rehearsal info is posted in the Rehearsal Tab- Please arrive 10 minutes early, ready to DANCE!!!!


I hope to bring a well rounded dance autmosphere to the Lehigh Valley, focusing on dance training, proper discipline and most important FUN!

Come Dance With Us!!

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Rehearsal 2013- Friday May 17th @ Catasauqua High School

Recital 2013- Saturday May 18th @ Catasauqua High School

Please Check Out....Summer Classes 2013 & Fall Classes 2013

FALL REGISTRATION Tuesday August 27th 4:00-8:00

 Dance. Some think of it as a way to pass time at a club or at home.  But, to us it means more than that...much much more.  To us its a way to speak everything on our hearts and minds without saying a word.  What we do is more than some people could ever know or imagine.  To us its a teacher.  It teaches poise, balance and grace.  It also teaches us about being confident, persistant, and never ever beleive that we can't do something because its "hard".  It shows that you can face a challenge and come out of it being a winner.  We put 100% of everything into this.  We give our hearts, sweat, tears and blood into what we believe and love.  To most that will never be enough.  But, in our hearts and our minds we know what we do and we love every last bit of it.  So go ahead and think that we are a bunch of guys & girls leaping across the stage in pink tutu's.  But dont waste your time trying to tell us that because I guarentee you'll be disappointed with our response.  You cant change who we are. WE ARE DANCERS!


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